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So do I...

I am a product designer turned entrepreneur with over 7 years of experience in building & scaling SaaS startups.

I help tech companies with:

  • Product discovery and market positioning

  • Developing the MVP prototype in order to raise funds

  • Connecting the dots in the product's UX

  • Scaling the product through deep audits and clearly solutions

  • Optimizing business conversions and improving user retention

Projects I’ve been working on

  • First Prakti presentation screenshot
  • First Hyperhuman presentation screenshot
  • First Sessions presentation screenshot
  • First Advanced Web Ranking presentation screenshot
  • First Prakti presentation screenshot
  • Second Hyperhuman presentation screenshot
  • Second Sessions presentation screenshot
  • Second Advanced Web Ranking presentation screenshot

The way I get things done

The process is a crucial part of getting things done, that’s why throughout the years, I improved my workflow, which today can be resumed in only a few steps.

  • Starting from a strategy

    Spontaneity is cool, but when it comes to a product, you would want a strategy that will determine a clear vision of the project. Before jumping in, there will be lots of questions about the product and its direction.

  • Moving to execution

    With the information gathered from the above step, we gonna bring the vision to life. This will result in a product prototype with a strong visual design language and flawless user experience which is ready to be implemented.

  • Resulting a real product

    Once the prototype has been approved, development starts. Using the latest technologies stack, the product will soon be ready to see the real world. This will result in an implemented interface that is fully maintainable, fast, and accessible.

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